The work of this Network began in the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. Our vision is to help bring about the fulfilment of Christ's Great Commission to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) through those people whom He is raising up as missions mobilisers.

Who is a missions mobiliser?

He or she is a Christian who has a clear vision of what God is doing around the world, and is calling His people to be involved in; and has a key ministry in passing this vision on to other Christians, and enabling them to play their part in reaching the world with God's truth more effectively. Primarily this means raising up more missions workers; but it also means helping people at "the home end" to play their part more effectively: praying, giving, providing pastoral and practical support, and sending.

How does this Network help?

Our place is to stand behind the missions mobilisers and do what we can. We encourage and communicate; we supply some resources; we tell our partners where to find a lot more; we put partners in touch with one another; we answer specific enquiries on mobilisation related issues; we engage in missiological research and critical thinking.

Becoming a MMN partner.

This costs you nothing, and places you under no obligation. To join, complete the online form, telling us how you are involved in mobilisation. Let us know how we can help you; and if you have resources which might be useful to other partners, tell us about those too.

Goals and Aims

To pray and promote prayer for missions mobilisers and new missionaries.
To work to build unity, maintain dialogue, and encourage a spirit of grace and biblical balance among all those involved in mission.
To encourage, affirm and supply vital information and materials to mobilisers and recruits.
To promote the Acts 13 Breakthrough challenge.
To promote Operation Support Breakthrough.
Though not our primary function, we want to encourage those missionaries on the field and those involved in re-entry.


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